Who Are We?

Muktha Trust has been functioning since the last 14 years in the state of Karnataka for the welfare of Youth, Women & Children. The trust was founded by Rev. Sr. Maria Goretti SRA in the year 1999 and registered in the year 2001. Mr. Patrick Furtado, Mr. Anthony Lopes and Ms. Gouri Devappa were the founding members.

Health awareness, promotion of science and technology as well as to provide technical skills to the rural youth, women empowerment, working for the welfare of children, rehabilitation of school dropouts, child laborers, handicap and slow learners are some of the objectives of Muktha Trust.

The word meaning of MUKTHA means OPEN TO ALL or FREEDOM and the original purpose of our organization is to create an opportunity for every individual to live and lead a happy life in a free and independent environment. Orphan and destitute children who had lost either of their parents due to various health and personal reasons were also included in the program. Providing education to the female children and creating awareness among female population about the health, socio, psychological and legal problems has been our prime goal. To reach these objectives of our organizations we have conducted different activities for children, youth, women and community people separately since from the beginning