1. To enlighten the rural women and youth about their situation organize them for their own betterment.

  2. To guide the youth to equip themselves for the struggle for life in this changing society.

  3. To strengthen rural youth clubs by giving proper guidance for working hand in hand with Government as well as non governmental organizations

  4. To keep them informed about various government schemes available for rural people and to motivate as well as assist youth clubs to work as mediators between the government departments and villages.

  5. To train core trainers in the villages for creating awareness on social problems.

  6. To undertake research work and publish the findings with regard to youth, women and children.

  7. To fight against child labor and form school/ rehabilitation centers for child laborer.

  8. To provide rehabilitation, Medical & Educational facility to the street, slum, mentally handicapped, tribal children, children of sex workers, children in distress, abandoned and runaway children.

  9. To create health awareness among women and to provide medical facilities like mobile health camps, village health clinics, hospitals etc.

  10. To provide counseling, legal assistance to the youth, women and children.

  11. To provide long/short term rehabilitation facilities or to begin schools, vocational training centers for the mentally ill, alcoholics, drug addicts, aged and emotionally disturbed individuals.

  12. To give importance to literacy and primary education by establishing village libraries, literacy and neo-literacy centers, adoption of village schools, publication of study materials for benefit of nonliterates.

  13. To train grass root and field level social workers, as well as administrative level workers of NGO’s and governmental departments.

  14. To resist environmental pollution and work for this cause along with children and youth through afforestation, cleanliness campaigns, awareness programs, etc.